Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market

Every Saturday 10AM-2PM from May 20 - October 28

At the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market, we strive to build a strong community and a thriving environment around a healthy and accessible food system.  In doing so, we hope to create mindful consumers that respect and protect each other and our planet for generations to come.    

Woodlawn Vendors 

Udan Farms


Udan Farms is a small family farm located in Canby, OR.  We grow a diverse array of vegetables, fruits and herbs without any synthetic fertilizers or biocides; relying instead on broad spectrum natural fertilizers for the healthiest possible produce and ecosystem.

Lil' Starts 

Located on a lil' 1 acre urban homestead in NE Portland, Lil' Starts uses permaculture and biodynamic principles to grow clean, healthy produce and robust, productive plant starts for local farmers markers, restaurants and their two CSA programs.

Owners Luke & Lillian Klimaszewski wholeheartedly believe in sustainable and natural growing methods. That's why they only use non-GMO seed stock and their plants and produce are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Lil' Starts makes their own soil mix and feeds their plants compost, locally sourced manures and plant and fish teas they ferment on their farm. These earth honoring practices, along with a good dose of community and love, ensure the best conditions for healthy, thriving plants.

Auntie Bae Bae's BBQ Sauce

For as long as I can remember I have been making bbq sauce. As a young girl I watched my dad make his bbq sauce. I saw all the joy it brought to our family. Watching him encouraged me to create my own bbq sauce so that I could bring that same joy to others. My hope is that you and your family enjoy my bbq sauce as much as my family and I do! We are a small business that was formed and operated in Portland Oregon.


Fennel Urban Farms



Fennel Urban Farms is a small urban farm in NE Portland's Cully neighborhood. On 1/4 acre I organically grow a wide verity of vegetables for restaurants and for market. I also have the pleasure of maintaining a urban food forest.

ZK Flowers

ZK flowers features locally grown, fresh flowers. Check out their rotating spread of Pacific Northwest flowers.

Plum Tree Jam


Jam made in small batches from fruit—especially berries—grown in and around Portland, Oregon. Zero pectin, 100% awesome.


RAD Family Farm

My wife and I produce a seasonal salad mix and specialty greens on our urban farm in SE Portland. Our selection includes a diverse supply of baby greens such as kale, chard, spinach, arugula, mizuna, mustard, lettuce, komatsuna, yukina savoy and amaranth. We follow organic growing practices: We are non-GMO and do not use synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Maintaining a healthy and productive soil is of the utmost importance. We follow a soil care program which includes an annual soil analysis, cover cropping, crop rotation, minimal tillage, and use of Organic Material Review Institute-listed (OMRI) soil amendments. A custom drip and micro sprinkler system is used to conserve water. Our goal is to offer fresh, local, healthy produce and establish a thriving business to serve our customers in Portland.


Red Truck Homestead

Red Truck Homestead operates on a one-acre urban farm in the Parkrose Neighborhood and a half-acre plot in the Cully Neighborhood, founded by the grandson of an Italian urban farmer. Providing food for a large family in Rhode Island during the Depression era, he passed his strong work ethic and passion for growing and cooking healthy food on to his grandson. What began as a means of sustaining our small family, Red Truck Homestead has grown into a source of fresh, wholesome food for culinary professionals, neighbors and market customers. We grow vegetables, herbs and fruit, and raise ducks for their eggs. We've enjoyed two years of specializing in a variety of exotic greens.

Integrity Foods/Swee Dee's

back porch projects

Swee Dee's specializes in homemade baked goods. Their cakes, pies, breads, and homemade ice cream are worth a taste! They enjoy being out in the community and meeting our fellow neighbors.  

Scratch Meats

Handmade fresh sausages made from scratch by us in North Portland! We deliver traditional, ethnic and seasonal sausages made with sustainably sourced meat and produce from local farms. We use absolutely no preservatives. Our product can only be found at farmers markets.


So Simple Shave Ice & Fresh Syrups

So Simple Shave Ice is a unique take on a classic treat. Simple syrups infused with fresh, local ingredients are poured over finely shaven ice, sometimes topped with cream. Enjoy a refreshing treat, smile, and savor a moment with good people.

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